Double-Parked Tesla In Sydney Goes Viral, Draws Rage Of Other Drivers

A Tesla owner in Sydney drew the ire of other drivers after parking across two spots in the Bondi Beach Woolworths car park.

As a result of the park job, the Model 3’s driver came back to a note on their windshield which read: “Did your fancy car park itself like this, or are you just an inconsiderate c**t?”

The photo was then shared on the Bondi Local Loop Facebook group, according to the NZ Herald

And while some commenters defended the driver, leaving comments like “Seriously who cares … People are starving and all you care about is white lines”, others shared in the rage. “Should get a ticket for this,” one comment read.

Another comment said: “Why is it that every fancy car I see is driven by someone who absolutely cannot drive (or park)? It’s literally like they got their licence out of a Cornflakes packet.”

“That’s how a**holes park, so that no one else can park next to their precious car,” another woman commented.

The owner of the car has yet to come forward. We can’t imagine why…

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